Three powerful words – Assess, Analyze, Achieve! – have led to improved quality of education in the Somerville School District.

Student achievement in the foundational elementary grades was on a steady decline until this program was instituted for grades K through 5. The program consists of three basic steps. First – to assess – reading and writing “on-demands” were given in each classroom, and teachers were trained in the proper manner of scoring and recording results. Second – toanalyze – the Director of Curriculum & Instruction met with teachers in small groups for an in-depth analysis of results, including identification of areas of deficiency, and development of a plan to meet the needs of all students. Third – toachieve – the process was implemented monthly for an entire school year, and teachers using data gathered from the assessments altered classroom practice based on student needs.

Through regular meetings with teachers, overall curricular needs were also identified. To address a recurring issue with certain student subgroups’ reading deficiency, for example, a summer and before-school program was started.  Overall academic achievement in Somerville is on the incline, thanks to this program.


Contact: Timothy Teehan, academic achievement officer,  tteehan@somervilleschools,org


Submitted by school district, December 15, 2014