New Jersey is one of 35 states that received federal Race to the Top grant money for early learning. A movement toward high-quality early education is beginning to gain the attention of policy-makers and school leaders as a vehicle to put students on the right track to achieving the rigor within the Common Core State Standards. The standards require students to problem solve, provide evidence for their answers, and engage in higher-order thinking. Now more than ever, children need a high-quality program that encourages positive approaches to learning and social/emotional development.

Kingwood Township School District has developed an extensive partnership with New Jersey’s Division of Early Childhood to redefine the district’s early childhood program. The kindergarten program reflects the state’s Kindergarten Guidelines. Kingwood is the only district to utilize Teaching Strategies GOLD from PreK-2 (a seamless and developmentally appropriate system for assessing children from Pre-Kindergarten to 3rd grade).

Much attention should be brought to the importance of early education. Kingwood and New Jersey are a district and a state that are leading the way.


Contact: Rick Falkenstein, chief school administrator, [email protected]

Submitted by school district.