The M.A.P.S. program serves high-school age children who have motivational issues, emotional needs or behaviors that prevent them from being successful. By integrating iPad technology into the classroom, the program enables students to receive a rigorous education and a high school diploma without having to leave the school community through an out-of-district placement.

Recognized by the annual Innovations in Special Education program, M.A.P.S. increases the motivation of at-risk students. It has expanded to include a physical education component and a transition elective for students.

The M.A.P.S. program allows students to be creators and curators of their own learning experiences by using iPads to make iMovies and design their own textbooks, using the Understanding by Design model. Students complete all of their assignments online in web tools such as Socrative and Infuse Learning.

In one year alone, the students who took their math and science finals on the iPad had a 100 percent passing rate. The data is telling the story; the iPad makes the students excited to come to school and it offers an appealing choice for productive behavior.


Contact: Irene Baratta, school psychologist, [email protected]

Recognized by the 2014 Innovations in Special Education program