Interscholastic competition is not just for sports. Teaching students to master and use STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – while engaging in interscholastic academic competition is the goal of the NJ Interscholastic STEM League.

Started as a grass-roots effort in 2014 with four Bergen County teams, the Interscholastic STEM League has grown to include at least 19 teams from school districts across northern New Jersey.

Waldwick technology education teacher Jim Dreschel founded the league, which puts students into competition solving real-world problems using STEM.  Teachers from various schools collaborate with each other to design competitive challenge events, which students solve using the “Engineering Design Loop.” Schools are separated into high school and middle school teams, and each is grouped with at least three other local school districts. The groups compete at least three times in local events, and in an end-of-the-year tournament. Industry representatives also take part, introducing the real-life situations for the STEM challenge, and serving as judges. To join the league, coaches follow steps outlined on the league blog site.


Contact: Jim Dreschel, Waldwick technology education teacher and league founder, [email protected]

Online: http://njinterscholasticstemleague.blogspot.com

Submitted by the league.