TRENTON, June 13, 2018—NJEdge, a statewide nonprofit Research and Education Network, and the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA), a federation of the state’s local school districts, today entered an agreement to offer virtualization software licensing and EdgeSecure managed cybersecurity services on a shared-service basis to New Jersey’s public schools.

“We’re thrilled to enable the entire K-20 educational community to access critical technology and cybersecurity services,” said Dr. Samuel Conn, President and CEO at NJEdge. “By working together to unite the leadership, vision, and purchasing power of the K-12 and higher education communities, we’ll accelerate the adoption of technologies that enable students, faculty, and staff to excel in the modern digital world.”

“Our goal is to advance cybersecurity in New Jersey’s public schools,” said Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, Executive Director at NJSBA. “The shared services agreement will encourage proactive cybersecurity planning and technology among our members. Often, schools might not have a mature cybersecurity plan in place when they encounter an attack. Through our shared services arrangement with NJEdge, schools will be able to secure services that align with national security standards at an affordable price.”

The agreement will provide unprecedented economies of scale and increase adoption of technology in New Jersey education by aggregating the delivery of technologies that are in demand within the state’s K-20 community.

VMware, an industry leader in virtualization software, has worked with NJEdge since 2006 to deliver a suite of solutions to the State’s education community at the lowest possible cost, including desktop and application virtualization, data center and cloud infrastructure. As a result of the shared services agreement, NJSBA members will now be able to access NJEdge member pricing for these services.

EdgeSecure managed cybersecurity services from NJEdge will augment NJSBA’s existing cybersecurity portfolio, offered through its TEC program. EdgeSecure services include cybersecurity assessments, endpoint protection with artificial intelligence, internet traffic information and protection, and security information and event management (SIEM). NJSBA TEC also delivers cybersecurity solutions, including a broad range of software, hardware, implementation services and training at discounted pricing, offered by Carahsoft, which serves the public sector.

About NJEdge Founded in 2000, NJEdge is a New Jersey-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit which provides high performance optical networking, Internet, digital asset management solutions and IT products and services. NJEdge provides these solutions to colleges and universities, K-12 school districts, government entities, hospital networks, and businesses as part of a member consortium spread throughout the continental US. The group is governed by New Jersey’s Presidents’ Council and housed at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) on its Newark, NJ, campus. For more information, please visit:

About NJSBA The New Jersey School Boards Association is a federation of all of the state’s local boards of education. NJSBA provides training, advocacy and support to advance public education and promote the achievement of all students through effective governance. For more information, please visit:

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