In Hudson County

Hudson SBA
Michael Kaelber, NJSBA director of legal and labor relations, briefed board members and charter school trustees on the topic of employee renewals and hiring at a recent meeting of the Hudson County School Boards Association, held at Harrison High School.

In Monmouth County

Monmouth SBA
At the April 7 meeting of the Monmouth County School Boards Association (MCSBA), three local board members were honored for earning the Certificated Board Member award. Left to right: Albert Miller, MCSBA president; Christine Kurzweil, Belmar board; Susan Griffin, Middletown board; and Robin Zawodniak, Wall Township board; and Diane Morris, NJSBA manager of training and professional development.
Monmouth SBA
Left to right: Assemblywoman Joann Downey; Albert Miller, MCSBA president; and Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling.
Monmouth SBA
Senator Samuel Thompson
Monmouth SBA
Left to right, Albert Miller, MCSBA president; Joseph Gaetano, member of the Monmouth Regional board who was honored for 20 years of service; and Sen. Jennifer Beck.

In Morris County

Morris SBA
At the April 7 meeting of the Morris County School Boards Association, from left to right, Karen Cortellino, the president of the county association; Sen. Anthony Bucco; and Barbara Dawson, president of the Morris County Vocational Board of Education.