The School District Accountability Act requires training for first-term school board members and charter school trustees in their first, second and third years of office, as well as for reappointed/re-elected members.

The importance of completing mandated training requirements was recently underscored when the New Jersey Commissioner of Education released several decisions regarding charter school trustees who did not complete mandatory training in a timely manner.

In two of the seven School Ethics Commission decisions, charter school trustees were removed from office for failing to complete mandated training. In the other five decisions, charter trustees were reprimanded after they ultimately completed training after the issuance of an order to show just cause.

How to Complete Training NJSBA offers two ways for board members to fulfill their state-mandated training requirement: in-person and online training. Completion of either course satisfies the requirements of the School District Accountability Act. To review the available mandated training opportunities, visit the mandated training web page. For questions regarding mandated training, please email the NJSBA member services unit.