njsbanewsNJSBA reminds all school boards that decisions made by each Delegate Assembly are followed by action that often results in the introduction of legislation, the stopping of undesirable legislation or the adoption of new state board of education policies.

The Delegate Assembly gives local school boards the opportunity for input before these far-reaching statewide policy decisions are made.  Therefore, we urge boards to review the committee reports and proposed Bylaws amendments and resolutions so that their delegates are familiar with the issues.  Policies adopted by the Delegate Assembly are codified in NJSBA’sManual of Positions and Policies on Education and can be viewed on the NJSBA website here.

Ad Hoc Task Force on NJSBA Governance  As a result of a proposal from an ad hoc task force to the NJSBA Board of Directors, that body has approved a recommendation to amend the Bylaws to move the NJSBA officers’ elections back to May; and hold the election going forward in odd numbered years, with the next election of officers taking place in May 2017.


Lindenwold (Camden) The resolution seeks to allow new board members to be sworn in once the results of the November school board elections have been certified.

The Delegate Assembly Handbook can be found online.