National School Boards Association President Kevin Ciak, of Sayreville, delivered his thoughts on public education in an interview published recently on the news website

Ciak, a former NJSBA president, is only the second New Jerseyan to lead the national organization. He has served on his local school board since he was elected to the post at age 19.

Telling NJSpotlight that public education is central to the country’s future, Ciak outlined the theme of his term at NSBA: Vision 2030.

The students who are entering kindergarten this year will graduate high school in 2030, and Ciak said he wants to encourage school board members to think more “stragetically.”

“What is the workforce going to be like then? What is the United States going to look like? How do we prepare them for that? What jobs are not going to exist? How do we adapt to that?” he said in the interview.