Recently, NJSBA met with several assistant commissioners from the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) to discuss opportunities for the two organizations to collaborate on training and professional development opportunities for board members.

From left to right, John Henry, NJSBA STEM and sustainability specialist; Diane Morris, NJSBA manager of training and professional development; Bari Anhalt Erlichson, NJDOE chief performance officer/assistant commissioner of data, research, evaluation and reporting; Kimberley Harrington, NJDOE chief academic officer/assistant commissioner, division of academics; Susan Martz, NJDOE assistant commissioner, student services and career readiness; Vincent De Lucia, NJSBA director, training and professional development/educator-in-residence; Evo Popoff, NJDOE chief innovation officer/assistant commissioner, division of charter schools, school choice, and educational technology; Peter Shulman, NJDOE chief talent officer/assistant commissioner of teacher and leader effectiveness; Patrice Maillet, NJSBA director of business development.