On Jan. 17, Michael Vrancik, NJSBA director of governmental relations, testified before the Joint Committee on the Public Schools on the topic of state education funding. “The NJSBA believes that New Jersey’s system of financing public schools should enable all local school districts to provide equal opportunity for all children in New Jersey to receive a thorough and efficient education,” noted the testimony provided to representatives of the state Senate and Assembly. “Such a system must take into account two factors: the educational needs of students, and the ability of a community to financially support its schools.”

NJSBA also cited its belief that the state should fund 50 percent of the statewide total cost of providing a thorough and efficient education for all public elementary and secondary students so that pressures on local property taxes can be relieved.

Vrancik offered similiar testimony to the Assembly Education Committee on Jan. 18.

The full text of NJSBA’s Jan. 17 testimony is available here.

NJSBA’s Michael Vrancik testifies on school funding. To his left is Debra Bradley, director of governmental relations for the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association.