In its effort to improve statewide reporting about public schools, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) is distributing a survey that will help them understand what information the education community wants to know about the state’s public schools. Click here to access the survey.

The NJDOE’s annual School Performance Reports include extensive information about each New Jersey public school. This survey is an opportunity for board members, administrators and members of the public to tell the state exactly what they want to see in the School Performance Reports (formerly called the School Report Cards) to ensure that the reports accurately reflect the quality of local public schools.

The survey, which is voluntary and anonymous, is estimated to take about five minutes to complete. The survey will only ask for general demographic and school information so NJDOE can ensure it is getting a representative sample from all regions of the state.

For questions or comments about this topic, contact Collene O’Reilly at the NJDOE at [email protected].