The New Jersey School Boards Association family extends its deepest condolences to the family of Darren Drake, 32, who was killed during the Oct. 31 terror attack in lower Manhattan.

Drake was a member of Bergen County’s New Milford Board of Education from 2009 to 2013 and served as president and vice president of the board. According to a report on the website, he was a project manager for Moody’s Investment Service and was out for a bike ride during a break between meetings when the tragedy occurred.

In a statement included in the report, New Milford Public Schools Superintendent Michael Polizzi praised Drake’s service to the community and school district.

“Darren was a good man with a soft touch and huge heart,” Polizzi said. “He is respected for his unwavering commitment to the children of New Milford and their education. His decisions were always predicated on what he believed was in the best interest of students, their growth and well-being, their intellectual development as well as their social and emotional welfare.

“In addition to his insights into the needs of students, he brought to the board significant business acumen, intelligence and humor. He was friendly, fully engaged and forward-thinking.”

Drake was among eight people killed during the Oct. 31 attack, when a terrorist drove a truck down a bike path along the Hudson River, striking several pedestrians and cyclists.

The former school board member is survived by his parents, Jimmy and Barbara Drake.