Non college bound meetingThe NJSBA Task Force on Educational Opportunities for Non-College Bound Learners held its inaugural meeting on Nov. 1 at Association headquarters. The task force includes approximately 30 local school board members and NJSBA staff.

At the Nov. 1 meeting, NJSBA President Dan Sinclair provided greetings and stressed the importance of the project to him. Executive Director Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod then presented the task force with the following charge:

The NJSBA Task Force on Educational Opportunities for the Non-College-Bound Learner will –

  • Study the current status of education programs and post-secondary training and career opportunities for non-college-bound high school students;
  • Identify strategies to expand program options, and
  • Recommend appropriate action by local school boards, NJSBA, and other governmental entities involved in education.

The Task Force will complete its study and issue a final report no later than June 2018.

The project has generated a high level of enthusiasm within and outside the Association.

On October 25, Assemblywoman Patricia Egan Jones published an Op-Ed article praising NJSBA’s project.

“Our children all have very unique skills sets and learning styles from one another,” she wrote. “Some of them are great in studying math, science, and literature in a classroom setting. Others learn by doing. Not all are interested in attending college and should not feel short of success by not doing so.”