The New Jersey School Boards Association Board of Directors met on Friday, Sept. 15, 2017, at the Association’s headquarters in Trenton. The board:

  • Approved the open session minutes of the May 19, 2017 meeting.
  • Approved the Legislative Committee appointments.
  • Approved the extension of payment of dues for Board of Directors members’ boards.
  • Approved a $120,000 grant request to the Alliance for Competitive Energy Services from the Educational Leadership Foundation of New Jersey to cover anticipated costs of increased attendance at the 2017-2018 county school boards association meetings.
  • Approved the 1st reading, waived the 2nd reading of the revisions to GO Policy 4118.12, Social Networking.

The executive director reported on the progress made toward the goals of NJSBA over the summer of 2017 including, the Governmental Relations Department’s legislative district meetings, noting that by the end of the summer, NJSBA members will have met with legislators in the vast majority of districts, as well as with many Congressional representatives; staff interviews with the Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates; continuing partnerships with other education associations, the Department of Education, and the U.S. Army; the NJSBA’s continuing school district-municipal cooperation efforts; the new online superintendent evaluation tool, which will be rolled out at Workshop 2017; the new leadership training weekend program scheduled for April 2018; the financial support for board member professional development through ELFNJ in the amounts of $100,000 for weekend orientation programs, $50,000 for a weekend leadership program and $130,000 for county school boards association programs.

The executive director also reported on NJSBA revenue, citing that the membership dues collection is on schedule; there is no dues increase for the eighth consecutive year; and non-dues revenue increased to 34.2 percent. The corporate member program includes 42 participants.

Dr. Feinsod introduced Carl Tanksley, Esq., as the new director of Legal and Labor Relations Services.

The advocacy update included a report on the impact of the November election; the Legislative Committee’s plans to establish the NJSBA advocacy agenda, which will be presented to the board of directors at its January 2018 meeting; a push to develop state standards for school IT directors; and enhancing school districts’ ability to purchase technical equipment. On the federal level, there is concern about federal aid cuts, but decisions are still in flux due to the competing need for financial assistance for hurricane relief efforts.

The Workshop 2017 report included a summary of the training programs and events happening over the course of the four days; overview of the on-line schedule and phone app; highlights of the keynote speakers; and new on-site badge printing, which will be available to all members this year following the very successful pilot program unveiled last year for select counties.

Members received a preview of the new two-step online registration process, which has been reduced from eight steps.

The board of directors recognized the following new members and alternate members: Dr. Anne Erickson, member representing Atlantic County; Matthew Cheng, alternate representing Hudson County; Sudhan Thomas, member representing the Urban Boards Committee, and Diane Johnson, alternate representing the Urban Boards Committee.

In addition, the board of directors:

  • Recognized the new officers—Dan Sinclair, president; Don Webster, Jr., immediate past president; Mike McClure, vice president for finance; Christy Tighe, vice president for county activities, and Brandon Pugh, vice president for legislation/resolutions.
  • Received a report from the president, immediate past president, vice president for finance, vice president for county activities and vice president for legislation/resolutions.
  • Discussed their vision for NJSBA in 2020, as part of data-gathering for the 2018-2020 strategic plan.

Information items included a Delegate Assembly update for November 2017; the executive director’s 2017-2018 Goals; GO Policy Manual revisions: GO/4118.13R – Implementation of Political Activity; GO/4118.22R – Code of Ethics; and GO/4140R – Determining and Announcing Salary Increases; legal case summary; member dues update; president and officer’s reports, and a position paper for gubernatorial candidates.


Four new members of the NJSBA Board of Directors took the oath of office at the Sept. 15 meeting. Pictured, (L to R), are: Diane Johnson, Urban Boards alternate representative; Sudhan Thomas, Urban Boards representative; Matthew Cheng, Hudson County alternate representative; Anne Erickson, Atlantic County representative. NJSBA President Dan Sinclair (at far right) administered the oath.