The summer of 2016 was a busy one for the New Jersey Manufacturers (NJM) Insurance Company. In August, the company hosted the New Jersey Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (NJAHPERD)’s annual Driver Education Conference.

The goal of the conference was to provide professional development opportunities and the most up-to-date resources for the state’s driver education instructors to take back and implement in their classrooms.

More than 100 driver education professionals from schools across the state attended this year’s conference at NJM’s headquarters in West Trenton. Local and national presenters shared the latest information and resources available to educate and protect young drivers. Conference workshops included programs such as Graduated Driver License (GDL) Deep Dive, Realities of Driving Today, Reframing Impaired Driving, Technology for Driver Education, Teens and Aggressive Driving, and more.

“The information we received during the sessions will help us keep our students up-to-date on driving laws and education, both in the classroom and behind the wheel,” said James Soules, Kinnelon High School driver education teacher.

At the conference, NJM also unveiled its newly updated Teen Driver Safety Program which includes a deeper focus on areas of greatest risk for young drivers. The program emphasizes young driver safety by sending safety officers to high schools throughout the state to give presentations about teen driving habits, distracted driving, driving law explanations and more.

NJM’s Teen Driver Safety Program was launched in 2013 in conjunction with the company’s 100th anniversary. Since that time, it has been presented to more than 65,000 students.

“Over the last three years, NJM has worked with NJAHPERD to provide professional development and resources for teachers that help teens become safe drivers,” said Jackie Malaska, NJAHPERD executive director. “The company is a great partner, and we appreciate their sponsorship and continued support of driver education professionals.”

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