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Tesst Job Again

Trenton, NJ

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Test – Chief Academic Officer

Jersey City, NJ

Golden Door Charter School (GDCS) is looking for a strong administrator with exemplary leadership experience in an educational setting. Our school encompasses PK through 8th grade with a diverse urban population of up to 700 students situated across a three building campus. This individual would essentially be acting in the dual role of Principal/Superintendent for the campus. Position reports directly to the GDCS Board of Trustees consisting of five (5) members. This position is for the 2023-2024 school year with a start date of July 1st, 2023.

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Job – New Jersey School District

The New Jersey School District is seeking an accomplished, highly motivated educational leader committed to equity and inclusion and to the social, emotional, and academic success for each student in this diverse PreK-12 school district.

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Save the Date: Workshop 2022

For three full days every October, a senior-level audience of school leaders, education professionals, and influencers in New Jersey education gather for quality professional development; important legal, legislative, policy and funding updates; new products and services; and to celebrate public education. The Workshop group registration covers 25 team members. Districts may include the school board, business administrator, superintendent, facilities managers, curriculum professionals, IT staff, principals, human resource professionals, educators, and other district staff in their group registration. The annual Workshop training conference will take place from Monday, October 24 to Wednesday, October 26 at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Workshop is the most extensive training event for New Jersey’s local school officials.

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Superintendent/Principal – Mount Ephraim

Camden County

The Mt. Ephraim Board of Education, Camden County, is seeking an innovative educational leader committed to educational excellence, building positive relationships, and creating a nurturing, inclusive learning environment. Located in a small traditional community, the Mt. Ephraim School District is home to two schools (grades PreK-4 and 5-8) and proudly serves 450 students supported by a $11.5 million budget. Our high school students attend Audubon High School as part of a send/receive relationship.

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This is a Paid Ad Without a Logo

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