Central Office Administration

Lead Person, Chief School Administrator A-1
School Business Administrator, Business Administrator A-2
Board Secretary (no business functions) A-2a
Executive Secretary A-3
Attorney A-4
Auditor A-5
Treasurer A-6
Assistant to the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary A-7
Confidential Secretary A-8
Payroll and Benefits Clerk/Representative A-9
Receptionist A-10
Combo Lead Person, CSA/School Principal A-11

Central Management Support

Assistant Lead Person B-1
Affirmative Action Officer B-2
Public Information Officer B-3
Transportation Supervisor B-4
Buildings and Grounds Supervisor B-5
Food Service Supervisor B-6
Security Director B-7
Webmaster B-8
Registrar and Data Management Specialist B-9
Registrar, Admission and Enrollment B-9
Director for Human Resources B-10
Director/Manager for Personnel B-11
Grant Writer/Fund Development Manager B-12
Residency Investigator B-13
Civil Rights Compliance Officer Section 504 B-14
Anti-Bullying Specialist B-15
Anti-Bullying Coordinator B-16

Business/Plant Operations

Bus Driver C-1
Cook/Manager C-2
Head Custodian C-3
Custodian C-4
Secretary C-5
Bookkeeper C-6
Security Guard C-7
Night Shift Head Custodian – 3rd Shift C-8
Director of District Facilities C-9
Mechanic C-10
Recycling Central Coordinator C-11
Hall Monitor C-12
Door Monitor, Door Attendant C-13


Principal D-1
Elementary Education Teacher D-2
Library Media Specialist D-3
Supervisor of Instruction/Curriculum Coordinator D-4
Assistant Principal D-5
Special Education Teacher D-6
K-12 Subject Area Teacher D-7
Bilingual Education Teacher, ESL, ELL D-8
Health and Physical Education Teacher D-9
Technology Director D-10
Reading Specialist D-11
Early Childhood Education Teacher D-12
Coordinator Title 1 D-13
Lead Teacher, detailed on Curriculum Coordination D-14
Department Chair D-15
Teacher, SOS, K to 12 D-16
School Disciplinarian D-17
Lead Teacher (Concise Version) D-18
Director of the Adult School D-19
Art Teacher D-20
Supervisor of Testing/Test Data Analysis D-21
Substitute Teacher D-22
Music Teacher D-23
Basic Skills Teacher D-24
Title I Reading Specialist D-25
Gifted and Talented Teacher D-26

Student Services

Attendance Officer E-1
School Nurse E-2
School Social Worker E-3
Speech-Language Specialist E-4
Student Assistance Counselor or Coordinator E-5
Guidance Counselor E-6
Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant E-7
School Psychologist E-8
School Counseling Services Director E-9
School Physician/Medical Inspector E-10
Director of Special Education E-11
Occupational Therapist E-12
Director of Student Services E-13
Child Study Team Secretary E-14
Behaviorist E-15

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities Advisor F-1
Athletic Director F-2
Athletic Coach F-3
Athletic Trainer F-4
Assistant Athletic Coach F-5
Volunteer Athletic Coach F-6
Supervisor of Health, Physical Education and Athletics F-7


Bus Aide G-1
Cafeteria Aide G-2
Classroom Aide G-3
Media Aide G-4
Special Education Aide G-5
Special Education One on One Aide G-6
Educational Sign Language Interpreter G-7
Computer Aide G-8
Preschool Aide G-9