About Fusfoo

Fusfoo.com is a no-cost website that allows high schools to combine all of their media, from the school newspaper to the school television station, onto a single platform. Fusfoo gives high schools a safe, bully-free space for students’ videos and articles to be created, curated, shared and consumed. Participating high schools will become part of Fusfoo’s national high school network where they can view and repost thoughtful, relevant and age-appropriate content created by fellow high school students across the country.

Incorporating Fusfoo at your high school(s) will enable your district to:

  • Have student content that is more streamlined, shareable and accessible 24/7 – for free;
  • Enable your students to participate in an incredible peer-to-peer learning environment;
  • Inspire students to discover new interests and facilitate learning outside the classroom;
  • Showcase your students’ work to your local and national communities;
  • Equip students with digital skills necessary to be productive to the workforce they are entering;
  • Stay in front of alumni; and
  • Supplement shrinking budgets with local and regional advertising (coming soon).

To view a list of the schools currently participating in Fusfoo, please click here.

Informational Webinar Watch the recorded broadcast of our recent webinar to learn about ways your district can benefit from Fusfoo.

Take advantage of the Fusfoo platform to engage students, and control your grass roots message. To bring Fusfoo to your school, complete the online contact form.

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