The New Jersey Personnel Administrators Association (PAA) is an organization whose goal is to promote efficient and effective personnel administration and employee relations in public school districts in New Jersey. PAA provides a forum where school personnel administrators can receive and exchange information on legal and practical developments in the field. N.J. PAA is affiliated with the American Association of School Personnel Administrators.

Members of PAA receive numerous services, publications, training opportunities and subscriptions, such as:

  • Topical meetings on critical issues to provide members with information on legal developments and emerging trends.  These meetings also provide important networking opportunities.  Over the last several years, meetings have addressed such topics as: records retention/disposal, electronic personnel files, and other automated systems, legal issues related to the use of substitutes, a five year report from the Department of Education on teacher professional development, employing retired educators, personnel files; and, PERC and court case review.
  • NJSBA Training Sessions available at the member rate.
  • Access to NJSBA publications:  Collective Negotiations, Administering the Negotiated Agreement, The Public Employment Relations Law, and Costing Out the Labor Agreement at member rates.
  • Access to restricted sections of NJSBA’s website, including Recent Case-Law Developments and Contract Negotiations Data (e.g., settlement rates, board achievements, salaries, benefits, etc.).
  • Access to PAA members list serve, which provides members the opportunity to share concerns, ideas, questions and possible solutions with their fellow group members.
  • In addition, members may subscribe to NJSBA’s PERC Index Online at a special member rate of $14.00 annually.  This online service is a critical research tool that provides quick easy access to summaries of PERC decisions. Also available to PAA members is an online subscription to Index of New Jersey School Law Decisions, at the member rate of $150.

The annual dues for PAA membership are $325.00.  If you would like more information or have questions about the PAA of New Jersey please call (609) 278-5219.

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