Gifted and talented students at Glassboro’s Aura Elementary School have flipped!

With the help of a 1:1 Chromebook initiative, the Flipped Gifted & Talented program operates through an online environment, consisting of weekly blogs and monthly thematic web-quests. Working in virtual groups, and using tools such as Penzu, Prezi and Voki, the fourth- through sixth grade students are able to engage in study of Mount Everest, the Iditarod, and even roller coasters. Leaning with 21st Century tools energizes and engages students, inspires them to be independent thinkers, and helps prepare them for learning and working in the future.

Other districts can follow Aura Elementary School’s lead by visiting an online version of the PowerPoint presented by school officials at NJSBA’s Centennial Workshop 2014.


Contact: Ms. Melissa Williams, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, [email protected]


Accepted for presentation at NJSBA’s Centennial Workshop 2014