When members of the public attend a Berkeley Heights Board of Education meeting, it is clear how the board operates, who the board members are, and how members of the public can communicate with their board. All of that information is spelled out in a printed brochure, available to members of the public to pick up when they arrive at a meeting.

Started around 2000 by previous Berkeley Heights Superintendent Dr. Richard Bozza, the brochure has been updated and printed each year since. Mrs. Judith Rattner, the current superintendent, said it is useful to welcome people to board meetings.

The brochure includes sample agendas, the school district’s mission statement, and contact information. In addition to explaining things such as “the board of education establishes educational goals for the children of this district” and “the board … provides an opportunity for the public to express their views,” the pamphlet also explains what the board meeting does not do. “A board of education meeting is not an appropriate time to debate or to question the board or administration about personnel matters,” it explains.

About 200 copies of the brochure are printed each year. Since it is produced in-house, there is no specific cost.


Contact: Donna Felezzola, district business administrator/board secretary, [email protected]