Reading and studying books is not an activity limited to students in the Washington Township School District in Morris County. School board members there are engaged in a book study, too.

Two years ago, the board began the book study program by reading, The School Board Fieldbook: Leading With Vision. For 2015, the board selected Five Habits of High Impact School Boards by Doug Eadie, as the subject of its study. Board members are assigned in to summarize a chapter, and then lead a discussion during a public board meeting. The chapter reviews have been very well-received.

Five Habits of High Impact School Boards offers information that board members and superintendents can put to use in their own districts. The author explores key behavioral traits of “high-impact” school boards, such as: Concentration on board work; developing the board’s capacity to govern; actively participating in leading strategic change in the district; meticulously working to keep the board-superintendent partnership strong; and actively participating in reaching out to the community.

The Washington Township board begins its discussions by stating that, as the leaders of the educational community who are committed to advancing life-long learning, the board members are conducting a book study so they will also continue to learn and grow. The program has a dual goal: keeping the board focused on its primary responsibilities, and educating the public about the role of the school board.


Contact: Jeff Mohre, superintendent, [email protected]

Submitted by school district, January 15, 2015.