Montgomery Township’s district administrators and the Montgomery Township Education Association, with support from the Rutgers University School of Labor and Management, have formed a District Leadership Team. The team was created to foster a collaborative working relationship between administrators and staff across all aspects of the district, to positively impact student academic achievement and social and emotional growth.

The team is comprised of 50 percent administration and 50 percent faculty. Together, with School Leadership Teams, the district team is responsible for establishing and implementing an effective system of schoolwide communication. Included is the creation of targeted teams with clearly-defined timelines to design and implement collaborative solutions to situations as they arise, and monitor district goals.

The guiding principles include: We will commit to and model a culture of collaboration; we will always be solution-minded; we will always be student-centered; we will view ourselves as a listening/learning team focused on “we.”


Contact: Nancy Gartenberg, superintendent.

Submitted by the school district, November 2017.