In the summer of 2015, a large group of teachers, administrators and a board member participated in team-building activities, in development of a mission statement and other documents, and in the establishment of district-wide committees as the first formal collaborative effort.

In the subsequent three years, with support from the Rutgers University School of Labor and Management, the collaboration has:

  • Totally revamped the district Instructional Council;
  • Invited district committee co-chairs to meet with board members in committees;
  • Established school leadership teams at each school; and
  • Established a district leadership team, with the new idea that it may be expanded in the near future.

Along the way, there have been “aha” moments and great successes, such as:

  • Collaboration with the Metuchen High School School Leadership (SLT) team to move their parent conferences for the betterment of students and teachers;
  • Establishment of a new student behavior model as a result of Campbell School’s SLT;
  • The late budgetary switch from MHS white board to Chromebook carts as a result of the work of our district budget committee;
  • Alignment of district and board of education committees;
  • District Professional Development Committee work on increasing the effectiveness of offerings for teachers; and more.

The board, administration and teachers remain steadfast in the commitment to collaborate with the common goal of improving student achievement.


Contact: Dr. Vincent Caputo, superintendent

Part of the New Jersey Public School Labor-Management Collaboration.