The Oxford school district website states it up front: Oxford Central School Students Are C.O.R.R.E.C.T.

In fact, “CORRECT” is the name of the district’s home-grown character education program, which strives to instill in children the positive character traits that spell out the program title: Courage, Optimism, Respect, Responsibility, Empathy,Citizenship and Trustworthiness.

The program, which serves children in grades Pre-K through middle school, has been lauded as a New Jersey School of Character and, in 2014, as a National School of Character Program.

Students and staff generated the list of positive traits represented by the letters in the word CORRECT. The program has grown and evolved over the years, as shown by decreasing incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying, according to school officials. It has fostered a positive school climate, and was cited as a school climate resource in of the 2014 NJSBA School Security Task Force report.

On its website, Oxford proclaims that “we are committed to guiding each child to recognize his or her uniqueness, and to appreciate and respect the same specialness in others.”  The CORRECT program is dedicated to that pursuit.


Contact: Mrs. Patricia Carr, CORRECT Coordinator, [email protected]


Cited in 2014 NJSBA School Security Task Force Report