Students receive tickets for good behavior.
Students receive tickets for good behavior.

The school is promoting positive student behavior, and enhancing the school atmosphere, through a program that rewards attributes such as respect for teachers, responsibility and preparedness, and good manners.

In a nutshell, students are CHAMPS – Caring, Helpful, Accountable, Motivated, Polite and Successful.

The school joined forces with the New Jersey Positive Behavior Support in Schools (NJPBSIS) initiative to design and implement school-wide interventions that focus on promoting positive student behavior, improving the school’s sense of community, and supporting students who may need extra help.

The program, which is creatively portrayed in a school-produced YouTube video starring students and school staff, defines the type of behavior expected in classrooms, hallways, the cafeteria, and throughout the school. Positive behavior includes coming to class on time and prepared; addressing teachers in a respectful way; walking, not running, in the halls; and using good manners in the cafeteria. The video was shown to students in September, and to parents at Back to School night.

Students who are “caught” displaying CHAMPS behavior are rewarded with “tickets” that are entered in prize drawings.

CHAMPS’ message is: It takes the whole school to promote good behavior – and the payoff is improved behavior that will better prepare students for life.


Contact: Russell D. Petrocelli, principal, [email protected]

Online: CHAMPS on YouTube at

Submitted by school district, January 12, 2015