Many districts have the need to provide families and their children costly Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) home-based programs. These programs are anticipated to be in place for long periods. However, some parents have little or no involvement in these programs. To address this concern, the Pascack Valley Council for Special Education, Region II, offers its member school districts ABA Parent Training through a shared services agreement.

The purpose of the training is to identify and prioritize parents’ concerns regarding the behavior of their children; recommend ABA strategies and interventions to address these behaviors; and educate parents regarding the implementation of these recommendations.

Parents attend an initial four-hour workshop, and a one-to-one discussion between the facilitator and family is held to determine any additional needs. A recommendation for additional training may be given, based on the one-on-one interview. Upon official request by the district, parents may be provided a limited number of hours targeting identified areas of need.


Contact: Stephanie DeBruyne, Region II special education coordinator, [email protected]

Submitted by school district.