Three Bloomfield entities – the Bloomfield Public Schools, the Bloomfield Department of Recreation, and Bloomfield College – have partnered to create positive effects for Bloomfield students. The partners created positive learning environments, shared professional collaboration and classroom learning space. The collaboration helps each student, pre-K through high school, achieve success in an individualized program. Local businesses have also joined forces to create real-life work experiences for high school students. Along with work experience, students gain lessons in responsibility, work ethic and giving back to the community.


Daniel Anderson, Bloomfield Board of Education, [email protected]
Linda Colucci, director of special services, Bloomfield Public Schools [email protected]
Michael Sceurman, director of parks and recreation, Bloomfield Dept. of Recreation, [email protected]
Carolyn Spies, Ph.D., associate vice president for academic affairs, Bloomfield College, [email protected]

Presented at NJSBA Workshop 2015.