January 2015 was a milestone in Passaic County’s Manchester Regional High School and Haledon Public School Districts. The month marked the midpoint, of the 12th year, that the two districts have shared a superintendent and business administrator.

To say the two districts are pleased with the arrangement is an understatement. Over the years, the shared services concept has expanded to include the director of special services; director of technology; payroll; human resource services; lead custodian; speech teacher; and a substance abuse coordinator.  The two districts estimate that they have saved taxpayers more than $7.1 million since 2003.

The reduced costs of shared technology programs also allow the districts to provide for increased professional development growth, so that staff can augment instruction through electronic educational instruments.

The districts’ educational vision stems from the belief that all stakeholders should be involved in the process, so many initiatives and standing committees have been developed to study and advise on topics pertaining to the schools. Both boards have worked to continue the innovative coupling that provides benefits to both districts. Together, the schools offer students more than 200 courses and 40 activities.


Contact: Dr. Michael A. Wanko, interim superintendent, [email protected]

Submitted by school district.