Glass fusing is the art of melting layers of glass by placing them in a kiln and heating them until the glass is fused.

Students begin the program by reading an information text and completing a written assessment to show comprehension. They learn the tools of the trade and safety rules. Working in teams, with each other and supervising adults, students begin cutting glass and, while doing so, learn about the properties of glass such as efficiency of expansion. They also learn the process of creating aesthetically pleasing design, which includes learning measurements to fit glass pieces together. Students make necklaces, earrings, bookmarks and bracelets, and sell them at a sale day, three to four times a year. Five to 10 percent of proceeds from “sale day” are donated to a worthy cause.

Fusing glass is a powerful, creative experience that also increases self-esteem as students develop their skills. Colorful Transformations teaches students to transform glass and in the process, they transform themselves.


Contact: Kimberley DiMezza, teacher, [email protected]

Winner, Innovations in Special Education Award, 2015.