The goal of H.I.P. is to address socialization as an essential life skill for both special education and general education students. H.I.P. uses “reverse inclusion” for typically developing students in the seventh and eighth grades and for 11-14 year old students in the multiple disabilities class.

General education students are invited into the multiple disabilities classroom. This allows a social time for all students and facilitates interaction with special education students in their academic setting. During the interaction, the students with multiple disabilities educate their general education peers on life skills. This program also provides identified special-needs students with the appropriate language, social and play models of same-age peers, while providing all students with the opportunity to forge friendships.

All students involved benefit from a greater understanding of human diversity. Students are afforded the opportunity to effectively socialize with peers whom they might not ordinarily interact with, facilitating new, positive social interactions as they transition to other school environments.


Contact: Christopher Giannotti, assistant principal of special services, [email protected]

Winner, Innovations in Special Education Award, 2015.