The Deaf and Hard of Hearing program at Governor Livingston High School was created in 1977 to provide learning and social opportunities for students in a highly-inclusive setting. One hallmark of the program has been the continued effort to evolve opportunities for students in all aspects of culture and the arts. As part of that effort, the “Percussion Workshop” was started in 2013.

Working with a district middle school teacher/percussionist, staff developed a half-day workshop introducing the students in the program to percussion instruments. Based on the enthusiastic response from the students, a curriculum and a full-year course specific to those students was created. The course fulfills the fine arts requirement for the students in the program.

The Percussion Workshop allows students to work under the direction of a music teacher, with the assistance of educational interpreters, to learn the techniques to engage with various percussion instruments. Students feel the vibration of the instruments to create and play music. In addition, they learn music history, theory and culture, and begin understanding how to read music.

The program held its first concert in 2016, allowing students to showcase their skills to parents, school administrators, fellow students and others.

The Percussion Workshop has been an innovative addition to the fabric of Governor Livingston, allowing students to experience the expressive power of music while gaining an overall appreciation for the arts.


Contact: Kevin Morra, supervisor of special education.

Received the 2017 Innovations in Special Education award.

Performed at Workshop 2017.