The purpose of Project R.E.A.C.H., (Research, Educate, Act, Create, Help) is to assist students in developing confidence in their own abilities to serve as a positive force in their communities, and to promote pro-social interactions with humans and animals alike. Special needs students learn about responsible pet ownership, ways to help animals in the community, and the importance of standing up against animal cruelty. Students work in partnership with the local no-kill animal shelter to assist the volunteers who keep the donation-based establishment up and running.

Examples of student assistance include: Completing research projects about their favorite animals; participating in pet adoption activities; visiting and interacting with adoptable pups; spearheading successful donation drives; creating banners for Salem County Humane Society fundraisers; and using social media to advertise and network for animals in need. By learning through real-world applications, students are empowered to become engaged members of society, and to contribute to their community in productive, meaningful ways.


Contact: Jessica Sears, secondary English/language arts literacy/special education teacher, [email protected]

Winner, Innovations in Special Education Award, 2015.