Students with emotional challenges enrolled in R.A.P. receive support as they begin their school day, to assist with their transition into school. Students work daily with a special education teacher and school psychologist/board-certified behavior analyst. The students are provided therapeutic support and skills instruction during first period before starting their academics for the day.

At the conclusion of the therapeutic course, students navigate the hallways with the mainstream population and follow their individual schedules as determined by their IEPs. A full continuum of related services is provided based on student needs. The program and student needs are closely monitored and supervised by the supervisor of special education.

The ultimate goal of R.A.P. is to assist students in progressing academically, socially and emotionally so students may successfully transition to post-secondary options such as attending college, vocational programs, other postsecondary training programs, and/or gaining employment.


Contact: Renee Davis, director of special services, [email protected]

Winner, Innovations in Special Education Award, 2015.