Many teachers continue to struggle with the integration of engineering and technology into their elementary classrooms. The “iStem is Elementary” program provides teachers with training on how to implement iSTEM – integrated science, technology, engineering and math – into every-day elementary school learning.

In grade school, for example, students can learn the engineering design process and foster creative thinking by working through various problems. An example: Using just a plastic spoon, Popsicle sticks, rubber bands and tape, design a device to deliver a food package to people stuck on a desert island.

The program can easily be applied to upper grades as well by modifying the “problem” and activities. “iSTEM is Elementary” enables teachers to smoothly integrate activities involving engineering and technology into lessons.



  • Mike Buttita, technology and engineering teacher, North Brunswick, [email protected]
  • Kelly Hart, executive director, NJ Technology and Engineering Education Association,  [email protected]


Selected for presentation at NJSBA Centennial Workshop 2014