School Board Recognition Month

New Jersey’s local boards of education play an essential role in our students’ lives. They oversee 581 school districts which, in turn, operate 2,500 public schools and provide educational services to nearly 1.4 million children. They set the policies for our schools and make important decisions affecting curriculum, financing and staffing.

January 2018 is the annual School Board Recognition Month in New Jersey, a time to raise public awareness of the roles and responsibilities of local boards of education and to thank your community’s school board members for their efforts.

The New Jersey School Boards Association has prepared the items linked below to help public bodies, organizations and local school districts recognize the role of the local board of education and the contributions of their communities’ school board members.

Feel free to use your own ideas to celebrate School Board Recognition Month and contact us to let us know about them.

Governor’s Proclamation

News, talking points, and general information:

For local school districts:

For parent organizations:

For county school boards associations:

For municipal governing bodies:

For county government: