TRENTON, September 23, 2016—Voters in 11 New Jersey school districts will go to the polls next Tuesday to act on more than $160.2 million in school construction and renovation projects, including new STEAM (science, technology, education, arts, and mathematics) learning labs and classrooms, health and safety improvements, security enhancements, and roof replacement.

One district, Mount Olive in Morris County, is asking voters to approve a pair of proposals that would fund implementation of full-day kindergarten. Some districts are putting forth multi-part referenda, including the School District of the Chathams, which is asking voters to act on six separate questions involving health and safety improvements and renovations, as well as two additions including one dedicated to STEAM education at its middle school.

A total of $160,220,130 in construction will appear on ballots in eight counties. Most, if approved, would receive state funding to cover part of the cost. Under the Educational Facilities and Construction and Financing Act of 2000, the state will fund at least 40 percent of eligible school construction costs through annual debt service aid.

The last Tuesday in September is one of five dates on which a school board may propose a bond issue to voters. For the remainder of 2016, construction proposals may be placed on the November General Election ballot (for those districts that elect school board members in November) and in December.

A district-by-district summary of the special elections is as follows:


Total amount proposed – $160,220,130

Proposed eligible costs – $105,740,308

State funds – $42,415,307 (State reimbursement through annual debt service aid equaling at least 40% of eligible costs)




Renovations, alterations and improvements at three elementary schools. Proposal includes HVAC, plumbing and lighting upgrades and replacement of lockers.

Total amount: $9,235,000

State funds: $3,694,000



Acquisition of school building originally owned by the local district and most recently operated by a county special services school district. The building would be renovated for use as a Fifth Grade Academy. Proposal also includes additions to the high school and middle school, and renovations, alterations, building system improvements and media center improvements at five elementary schools and the district education center.

Total amount: $25,593,176.

State funds: $7,618,198



Addition to middle school, including 16 classrooms, science lab and music room; renovations and improvements to high school and middle school

Total amount: $34,472,176

State funds: $4,586,105



Repair and/or replacement of roof at Harrison Township Elementary School

Total amount: $5,326,577

State funds: $2,130,630




Addition of arts and wellness education space at high school; renovations and repairs at high school and five elementary schools, including roof replacement, HVAC upgrades, and health and safety improvements.

Total amount: $35,855,000

State funds: $10,437,400




Six separate questions calling for various renovations, additions, and health and safety improvements

Total Amount (all proposals): $15,864,300

State funds: $3,815,658

Proposal 1

High School auditorium improvements (replacement of seating, lighting, furnishing and HVAC)

Amount: $3,500,000

State funds: $1,400,000

Proposal 2

Middle School auditorium improvements (seating, lighting, furnishing, HVAC and asbestos removal)

Amount: $3,800,000

State funds: $1,520,000

Proposal 3

Middle School STEM (science, technology, engineering arts, mathematics) education addition

Amount: $3,200,000

Proposal 4

Athletic field improvements

Amount: $1,429,000

Proposal 5

Milton Avenue School addition (K-3 classroom space)

Amount: $2,400,000

State funds: $281,538

Proposal 6

Partial roof replacement at High School, Middle School and Lafayette Avenue School

Amount: $1,535,300

State funds: $614,120



Two separate questions addressing renovations and improvements at two elementary schools

Total amount (both proposals): $6,242,775             

State funds: $2,497,109

Proposal 1

Energy-efficiency and security improvements at the Borough School and Mountain Way School

Amount: $5,213,944

State funds: $2,085,577

Proposal 2

Auditorium renovations at Borough School to provide for ADA compliance, large group instruction and community events.

Amount: $1,028,831

State funds: $411,532



Two questions related to the establishment of a full-day kindergarten program: (1) a “Bond Proposal” to fund an addition at an elementary school, and (2) an “Additional Funds Proposal” for a tax levy increase to pay salary and benefits for additional teaching staff to implement full-day kindergarten. Both questions must be approved for the program to go forward.

Proposal 1: Bond Issue (contingent upon voter approval of Additional Funds Proposal)

A 14-classroom addition to the Sandshore Elementary School to distribute students more evenly throughout the district and enable accommodation of full-day kindergarten

Amount: $6,646,724


Proposal 2: Additional Funds (contingent upon voter approval of Bond Proposal)

An additional $807,620 in General Funds to be raised through the tax levy to fund salaries and befits for teaching staff




Educational and safety improvements to the Tuckerton Elementary School, including addition of a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) lab, relocation of school offices to control access to building, ADA compliance, and parking lot reconfiguration to enable discharge and pick-up of students on school property

Total amount: $3,636,121

State funds: $1,286,726

Transfer from district capital reserve: $250,000




Improvements to the Frankford School, including construction security vestibules, and repair/replacement of portions of roof and fascias

Total amount: $1,463,216

State funds: $585,286




Renovations, alterations and improvements to two elementary schools and Middle/High School. Proposal includes creation of STEM education labs and classrooms, additional classrooms and small-group instructional areas, creation of a Universal Science Lab in the high school, various safety, infrastructure and ADA projects.

Total amount: $15,885,065

State funds: $5,764,195


The New Jersey School Boards Association is a federation of the state’s local boards of education and includes the majority of New Jersey’s charter schools as associate members. NJSBA provides training, advocacy and support to advance public education and promote the achievement of all students through effective governance.