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The price that more than 400 New Jersey school districts will pay for electricity during the two-year period ending in May 2017 will fall by about 14%—or by $30 million—as a result of the Alliance for Competitive Energy Services’ (ACES) successful bid for lower-cost power.

Founded by the New Jersey School Boards Association in 1999, ACES has saved schools hundreds of millions of dollars in electricity and natural gas costs. For example, in the five-year period ending May 2014, the program resulted in $143.2 million in energy savings for school districts statewide.

In March 2015, ACES awarded contracts to South Jersey Energy and Integrys Energy Services to provide electric supply to the ACES member school districts beginning in May 2015 and running through May 2017. The members will save approximately $30 million, or 14%, on their electric bills over the 24-month contract term. Six bids were received through a competitive process that included over 3,000 accounts representing over 1 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of annual usage.

Currently, districts also have the opportunity to select a Voluntary Enhanced Renewable Energy Product that provides increased green power, consisting of 20% renewable energy.

ACES saves money for New Jersey’s public schools by aggregating the electricity purchases of many school districts, increasing their purchasing power and reducing the price they pay in the competitive electricity marketplace.

NJSBA welcomed the considerable savings that the ACES program continues to achieve.

“For over a decade, ACES has set an extraordinary example of the continued success that can result from a proactive and organized aggregation group,” said Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director.

“In addition to energy savings and price stability, this bid also incorporated the opportunity to support renewable energy and improve environmental quality – the core principles to achieving a sustainable future and empowering our students,” said Robert Chilton, the Executive Vice President of Gabel Associates, the energy consultant for the ACES program.

Districts who selected the Voluntary Enhanced Renewable Energy Product will also be eligible to receive 10 points towards their Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification goals. Sustainable Jersey for Schools is a statewide organization, founded in 2014, that promotes sustainable practices. Currently, 448 schools and 175 school districts participate in the program. This certification recognizes districts that are committed to enhancing environmental integrity.

ACES is the largest energy-aggregation program in the state. It has long focused on helping school districts buy electricity and natural gas through an aggregated approach to achieve group savings. In 2014, the ACES service offerings were expanded to include ACESplus, which facilitates the implementation of energy sustainability projects at schools by providing easy access to energy experts and customized support.

For information about ACES and ACESplus, contact Carol Friedman of Gabel Associates at (732) 296-0770 or visit the ACES website at