As public funding sources become scarcer, alternative public-private solutions are being developed and implemented across New Jersey to fund and/or operate economic development, health and social services, public safety, education, and other “quality-of-life” programs and services.

The New Jersey League of Municipalities and NJBIZ, a statewide weekly business journal, will  host the inaugural Public Private Partnership (P3) Innovation Awards honoring successful public private partnership programs throughout the state. NJSBA and the New Jersey Association of Counties are participating in the program.

The judges are looking for successful innovative public-private partnerships that are saving taxpayer money while at the same time funding, improving, and developing much needed public benefits.

Award Categories  The award categories include: infrastructure; economic development; housing and nonprofit; public safety; quality of life (including education enrichment); and general (other projects not listed).

Those submitting nominations are encouraged to submit projects in the appropriate category, however if it is unclear which category would be correct, they may submit it without a category and the judges will either assign it, or include it in the general category.

Eligibility Requirements  To be eligible, a project must be completed within the past year or currently under construction for recognition; and the nominees’ partnership program must be in New Jersey. Nominees may be self-nominated or nominated by others; and nominees may only be entered in one category. Public entities, including school districts, may submit nominations.

Nominating Details  Information on the awards, including a nominating form, are available online. The deadline for nominations is Friday, May 6 at 5 p.m.