Since its inception in 1999, the Alliance for Competitive Energy Services (ACES), an energy aggregation program, has saved school districts more than $200 million on energy bills by leveraging electricity and natural gas procurement efforts.  ACES has more than 400 member districts in New Jersey.

With the current ACES electric supply contracts expiring in May 2015, NJSBA has completed another successful bid and has awarded new contracts that include an innovative renewable energy opportunity.

ACES and ACESPlu$ are taking the next step in energy cost reduction and environmental sustainability efforts. For the first time, school districts choosing an energy contract will have the opportunity to select a Voluntary Enhanced Renewable Energy Product. Approximately 20 percent of the power in that product comes from renewable energy sources located within the regional electric grid that serves New Jersey.

By selecting a product containing 20 percent renewable energy, districts can purchase power today that meets the mandatory statewide goal set for 2020. ACES members that are interested in demonstrating strong sustainability initiatives can select the voluntary product by completing the Enhanced Renewable Energy Opt-In Form

For ACES districts that select the 20 percent renewable energy product, the new contract supplier will charge a small additional price— $0.00125/kWh —to the awarded bid price to cover the costs associated with providing the added green power. This green premium adds less than 2 percent to the cost of the power supply procured under the new contracts; even with the added charge a participating district will still pay below-market prices.

Additionally, the Voluntary Enhanced Renewable Energy Product is designed to assist districts with their goals for theSustainable Jersey for Schools certification program. Districts that select the enhanced green product will be eligible to receive 10 points toward their Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification.

ACES members must return the Opt-In Form no later than April 27.

For districts that don’t wish to select the Voluntary Enhanced Renewable Energy Product, no further action is required. A district’s participating electric accounts will be automatically enrolled at the awarded contract price without the added green power premium.

For questions and submissions of the Voluntary Enhanced Renewable Energy Opt-In Form, please contact Carol Friedman, the ACES program administrator, by email or by phone at (732) 296-0770.