To help the state’s public schools access non-tax funding, NJSBA offers a Grant Support Services Program through the Grants Office, LLC. New Jersey districts are encouraged to apply for the following new grants that may help finance a district’s STEM/STEAM projects.

Discovery Research Pre-K-12 (Application deadline is Dec. 7) This program supports projects addressing immediate challenges facing Pre-K-12 STEM teaching, learning, and assessment and is primarily concentrated on research and development to inform formal STEM education.

Approximately 35 to 45 awards will be granted in amounts ranging from $450,000 to $5 million.

Advancing Informal STEM Learning (Application deadline is Nov. 4) This program could support efforts that expand the evidence base around new and innovative methods for informal STEM education.

Approximately 42 to 55 awards will be granted in amounts ranging $150,000 to $5 million.

For more information about these grants, contact the Grants Office, LLC at via email or call (800) 473-5608.

NJSBA provides consultant services to administration, curriculum supervisors and teachers to assist in the evaluation of existing STEM programs and to design new pathways for implementing iSTEAM (interactive science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) problem-based learning, and appropriate technologies and resources. To learn more, contact John Henry, NJSBA STEAM and sustainable schools specialist, via email.

For more information on the NJSBA Grant Support Program, click here or contact Lou Schimenti, product and services specialist, at [email protected] or at (609) 278-5271.