The New Jersey School Ethics Commission (SEC) has issued a string of recent decisions and advisory opinions that dramatically alter the school ethics landscape.

NJSBA, along with Legal One, a partner of the Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA), will hold a half-day program on the latest developments in school ethics on Sept. 16 at the FEA building at 12 Centre Drive in Monroe Township.

The workshop is designed for school board members, school administrators and school board attorneys.

Presenters Michael Kaelber, director of NJSBA’s legal and labor relations services; and David Nash, Legal One director, will speak on a broad range of topics.  The presenters will review topics such as:

  • The impact of recent ethics decisions on school board member and administrator participation in collective bargaining;
  • Personnel decisions;
  • Volunteerism and shared service agreements;
  • A review of the rights of board members who are also parents in a school district when disputes arise regarding the board member’s child;
  • The scope of relatives covered by ethics decisions;
  • The prohibitions on securing advantages for “others” not covered under the relative decision; and
  • The application of the doctrine of necessity.

Registration and additional information is available online.