NJSBA this week released the complete report of the Task Force on New Jersey’s Accountability Regulations, the result of a year-long study by a select committee appointed by President Donald Webster, Jr. and Executive Director Dr. Lawrence Feinsod.

Now scheduled to sunset in May, the regulations, N.J.A.C. 6A:23A, address the superintendent salary cap, conditions for the receipt of state aid, travel policies and procedures, and other areas.

“Our goal is to make sure that the new regulations promote responsible action and accountability, but do not handcuff school boards and their administrative staffs with red tape, restrictions and additional expense,” explained Dr. Feinsod.

The Final Report of the Task Force on New Jersey’s Accountability Regulations can be accessed through the NJSBA Research Projects website. The document contains 63 recommendations for improvement.

Earlier this fall, the report’s analysis and recommendations were presented to the president of the State Board of Education and the commissioner of education.

The NJSBA Task Force on New Jersey’s Accountability Regulations included local school board members; resource persons representing the state’s executive county school business administrators and the New Jersey Association of School Business Officials; local school district administrators, and NJSBA staff members. It was chaired by Michael Kaelber, NJSBA director of legal and labor relations services.