NJSBA is offering two opportunities to attend a program exploring the hidden biases in classrooms. One presentation will be on March 17 in Edison and the other on March 18 in Ewing.

Biases have been with the human race for thousands of years. Categories provide structure to life, and every day, subconsciously, we all group people into different categories based on gender, race, zip code and more. Research has found that even when these biases and stereotypes are understood, there is still a mental residue that cannot be wiped completely clean. This can be the foundation of stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.

Unfortunately, classrooms are not safe from hidden biases. Of greater concern is a growing number of studies that show that hidden biases and actual behavior go hand in hand.  How do we ensure our students an equitable and excellent education? What do we do to combat these issues? How do we address biases that are hidden, and sometimes not even noticed by the person who holds them? These questions and more will be discussed at NJSBA’s program, “The Hidden Bias Gap- Gender, Race and Zip Code.”

Watch this video for a sneak peak of the program!

Program Location and Registration Information The March 17 program will be held at Middlesex County Community College at 2600 Woodbridge Ave., Edison. A link to online registration is here.

The March 18 program will be held at NJM Insurance Group at 301 Sullivan Way, Ewing Township. A link to online registration is here.

Due to the expectation of overwhelming demand for this program, there is a strict limit on the number of participants. Registration of school board members and other district staff, who have been reported to NJSBA through the district census form, may be completed online using the registration links above, but only by the school business administrator who must attach a scanned copy of the purchase order with the registration.

Cost The registration fee for members and district staff is $129 per person. The fee for non-members is $258.​