NJSBA is seeking assistance from school business administrators in completing the annual NJSBA Membership Census. The annual census is necessary to enable board members to complete state-required training and to access the online Board Self-Evaluation/CSA evaluation. Failure to provide NJSBA with complete and accurate census information could prevent board members from receiving notice of state-required training as well as block members from participating in the board and CSA online evaluation process.

To obtain the census, go to Board Management, located under the “Members Only” section of the NJSBA website and login. After logging in, click on the Census Report link.  There are two methods of updating the census: PDF Form or Online Form.

PDF Form: Select Census Report (PDF Format) from the list.  If changes are necessary, mark the additions, deletions or other changes on the form. Use beginning and ending dates for each individual as appropriate. The completed form should be faxed back to the NJSBA Member Services Unit at (609) 278-5280 or emailed to [email protected].

Online: Select Census Report from the list.  Board members can be added, deleted, and modified from within the form.  Use beginning and ending dates for each individual as appropriate.  Any additional comments can be added to the bottom of the form.  When complete, click the Submit for Approval button, or select Cancel to remove all changes.

If there are no changes to the census report, email [email protected] with your full name, contact information and the name of your board and, in the text of the email, indicate there are “no changes.”

Please email questions to [email protected].