About half of respondents to a recent School Board Notes survey said their board takes time to mark School Board Recognition Month in January, by adopting a resolution to acknowledge the month set aside to honor the state’s volunteer school board members.

More than 20 percent of respondents said their board presents plaques or certificates of appreciation to board members, and several respondents said district parent groups and municipal governing bodies took action to recognize the event.

School Board Recognition Month was started more than a dozen years ago to honor the state’s volunteer school board members, who oversee more than 580 public school districts,  setting policy, making sure schools are safe and well-run, and making decisions on curriculum, staffing, financiang and more.

A number of respondents also said their board does not take note of the month, noting, in some cases, that they felt no special recognition was necessary.

“We don’t recognize it with any fanfare – we don’t feel it’s about us – it’s all about the kids,” wrote one respondent.

“We keep it low profile,” said another.

A number of boards said their superintendent takes a moment to acknowledge the board, at a public meeting.

And, about 37 percent of respondents to the survey said their county school boards association adopts a resolution marking School Board Recognition Month.

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