On Thursday, June 14 at 2 p.m., NJSBA’s Conversations on New Jersey Education podcast will feature a discussion on a law signed by Gov. Phil Murphy in April, commonly referred to as the “Pass the Trash” law. The law seeks to end the practice of allowing school employees with a history of instances or allegations of sexual misconduct or child abuse to move from one job to another without new employers having any knowledge of such history. The law requires schools to review the employment history and take certain steps when hiring a new employee.

Ray Pinney, NJSBA director of member engagement and host of Conversations on New Jersey Education, will discuss topics such as what steps districts should take when hiring a new staff member and the obligations of a former employing school district when another district is requesting employment information, with Joseph L. Roselle, partner with the firm of Schenk, Price, Smith & King, LLP.

The podcast will be broadcast live on BlogTalkRadio, NJSBA’s online program, and will be archived for later listening. To contact the host during the program, please call (347) 989-8904.