NJSBA has implemented its summer schedule for both the office scheduling of staff members and the publication of School Board Notes.

Newsletter Schedule  School Board Notes begins its summer schedule next week. The next online editions will be posted on the NJSBA website on July 12, July 26, August 9, and August 23. The print edition of School Board Notes, which is a monthly roundup of stories, will be published on July 21 and August 18. SBN will resume regular weekly publication with our online School Board Notes on Sept. 7.

If major developments occur between publication dates, NJSBA will issue special electronic editions of School Board Notes.

Office Schedule During the months of July and August, NJSBA follows a four-day compressed work week for its staff. The total number of hours worked will remain unchanged, although employees will work extended hours Monday through Thursday, and the NJSBA office will be closed on Fridays. The schedule will help reduce energy usage at NJSBA’s facility. The compressed work week begins this week and will return to a normal schedule after Labor Day.

While the office will not be open on Fridays during July and August, any previously scheduled off-site meetings or programs involving NJSBA staff will still take place.