Parents and students today have options besides their local school district.  There are charter schools and private schools continuously marketing to them about their schools’ benefits.

While local public schools do a great job in educating their students and offering a rich curriculum, they sometimes are not as diligent in marketing their schools. Marketing Your School District to Parents and Your Community, which airs at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, March 24, will explore this topic.

BlogTalkRadio is like a radio interview show done over the Internet, that listeners can hear live or access later via NJSBA’s BlogTalkRadio station. Ray Pinney, NJSBA director of county activities and member engagement is the host. Guests on March 24 will be Arthur DiBenedetto, superintendent, and Charles McKay, assistant superintendent of the Vernon Township School District.

Topics of the upcoming program include how districts can tweak their programs to meet the needs of all of their students; how districts can make sure their community is aware of all the positives in their district; and what districts can do to make sure parents and students who are considering out-of-district options are aware of what their home district provides.

Please join BlogTalkRadio to discuss these and other issues. Listeners may call (347) 989-8904 to speak with the host.